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Designed in Half a Day

* Landing page or small website * Up to 3 / 4 pages or sections (for example, hero image, about section, services with a contact form or section)
* Text based logo to match your brand colours or logos * Search engine optimised * Mobile responsive Or * A mini-make over
* Search engine optimisation for a larger website * Marketing and/or intro videos

Half a day is four hours design time on the day plus half an hour for tweaks after.

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Designed in a Day

* Up to 6 pages * Plus 3 premium apps (ie, booking form, gallery or calendar) * Text based logo in your brand colours. * Basic search engine optimisation * Mobile responsiveness or A Shopify redesign (or full design using a template) including:- * Back-end and admin set up * Categories & product template set up * Store settings * Branding, colours & Fonts or
* Website refresh or redesign or * Website and intro videos (number depends on content and length) or Full brand, social media content (images) etc or *Bring me your wish list (see below)

A full day of design is 7.5 hours design time and an hour of tweaks to be used within 14 days of your Design Day.

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Designed in Two Days

* A more complex website or
* An ecommerce website (up to 10 products included and up to 5 categories) on either Shopify or Wix to include:-
* Back-end and admin set up
* Categories & product template set up
* Store settings
* Branding, colours & Fonts * Up to 10 products

* A day strategy and content plus a day to create your website

For Designed in Two Days you get 7.5 hours on each day (these can be taken consequetively or with a day or two in between) plus 2 hours additional design time for tweaks to be taken within 2 weeks of the last design day. View portfolio

Bring me your Wish List

Do you have a website that's a nightmare, you look at it and think "urgh", maybe you designed it yourself but now you are ready to move up a gear (or two or three) or maybe you have a website that you had professionally designed but now looks very dated or isn't working on mobile or you don't rank highly in search engines.

Bring me your Wish List, it can include any or all of the following:-

  • move your website from another platform (say Squarespace or Wordpress) to Wix
  • strategy
  • logo design/branding
  • website redesign
  • search engine optimisation
  • graphic design
  • social media graphics
  • intro or marketing videos
  • glassboard or explainer videos
Depending on what you need to be done, determines with it is Designed in Half a Day, Designed in a Day or even Designed in Two Days.

* Important Note:

You are booking my time (either half a day, a full day or two days plus all the bonus time as outlined in the bonus section). Whilst the aim of Designed in a Day is to get your website live, this will very much depend on the feedback you provide during the day and changes to the scope, design, copy and brief as we work together. If a project isn't going to be finished on time due to changes being requested throughout the day, then you will have the option to book another Design Day (or Half Day) to complete it.